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There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold.
Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl (via perfect)

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She is no longer a person in his life; instead, she is a person that other people will remind him of.
David Levithan Are We There Yet? (via sempiternale)


Has anyone you care about ever just stopped speaking to you for no reason at all? I wrote this a few days ago after it happened to me last year because I’ve finally figured out why I’m still so sad about it. Then it came to me. It wasn’t that he’d just cut me out, but that he cut me out at such a peculiar moment in his life, with our last conversation consisting of what he’d eaten for brunch and how much I hate my work uniform. It was typical, comfortable everyday hours of texting until he just didn’t text back again. And that was just it. And I didn’t text him again because I knew it would be. But now, I just wish I could go back and change the last thing I said to him. Not about work or about food or about what’s on TV that I can’t stand to watch, but about how I’d miss him entirely if he ever wasn’t there. And now he’s not. And I do miss him. And it’s just done.
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